What we Do

A unique approach tailored to meet you where you are — and help you take a giant leap forward.

We typically work with organizations that are at an inflection point – established ones that want to re-invent their role and purpose in the world, or challengers looking to take the next wave of growth.

Whether becoming more customer-centered, creating new and innovative services or finding white spots to grow – we confront these challenges with a human centered, creativity charged yet strategic approach.

We bring the diversity of experience, deep expertise and trusted advice to support leaders navigate in these uncertain times. Let us write your next chapter together.


growth strategy

You aim to prepare your organization for the next step. We go beyond optimizing the status quo to imagine what could be and the bold leaps to make it happen.

Business model

You build a new platform business or need new revenue streams outside your core business. We support you to define, transform and shape your business model.

brand building

You want to become the category defining or the trusted name for your services. We shape purpose driven brands that connect emotionally with customers and consumers.

Service design

You want to establish a compelling customer experience. We create, prototype and enhance your offerings and services that tap into your customers` needs and behaviors.

customer insights

You want valuable insights about your customers or markets before taking action. We provide research and analytics that identify new opportunities and evaluate their potential business impacts.


You need change from within to realize your ambition. We engage to help you build the organization needed to succeed in the future, re-define roles and structures, and empower your people to work in new ways.


Everything at Leap Partners is focused on your success, your leap forward.


We are a diverse, experienced team that works since years with the C-Suite of ambitious organizations. We know the complexities and trade-offs in leading
an organization and focus on bold yet realistic moves.


We solely focus on strategic work. Thats why our advice is always objective, independent and focussed on your success. We collaborate with your teams, partners or if needed with experts from our global network – without any conflict of interests.

Human Centered

Our work is focussed on humans – amaze, convince, attract and transform human beeings. We believe, that sustainble growth is driven by humans, whether loyal customers or engaged employees. Thats why we use the power of leadership, communications, empathy and design to unlock their potential.


We are a collective of seasoned experts bringing together a wide range
of skills

Mattias E. Weber

Managing Partner

Mattias is brand and strategy consultant and was CEO of two large Swiss brand and transformation consultancies and worked on initiatives with leaders of firms like SWISS, Oerlikon, Helsana, F. Hoffman La-Roche or Heineken. He focusses on transformation, brand strategy and innovation.


Managing Partner

Thomas is a strategic, creative and hands on executive with over 20 years of experience in over 30 sects. He was Managing Director at the Institute für Markentechnik in Geneva. He engages in challenging situations as well as re-shaping brand ecosystems for the next leap forward.

Prof. Dr. Jürg Simon


Jürg is our Chairman of the board. He is a Partner at Lenz & Staehelin, the «World’s Swiss Law firm». He was a director at the Swiss Intellectual Property Institute and teaches intellectual property law, among others, at the University of St. Gallen.


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